1. Factoring has a long-standing history and is nowadays widely used as a preferred business financing solution in many industries. It is – simply put – the process of selling your accounts receivable (invoices) at a discount.
  2. Factoring is not a loan or equity financing. It does not create any debt, so you are never burdened with any fixed costs or periodic payments.
  3. It is a cash flow solution that doesn’t involve borrowing or giving up any ownership in your business, and since there is no debt or equity involved, it is a lot more flexible than most other forms of business financing.
  4. In fact, it works just like an open, interest-free credit line that can grow with your business as you need it, without you having to re-apply ever again.
  5. Any business that is not a “cash & carry” can benefit from Factoring, as long as an invoice is generated, and a verifiable product or service is delivered to a creditworthy business or a government entity.

Ask yourself 6 questions

  1. Is your business sometimes short on cash, i.e., is your A/P cycle shorter than your A/R cycle?
  2. Can a better cash flow help you take advantage of supplier discounts or generate more sales?
  3. Could you accept more or bigger orders or hire more people or better stay on top of your operational expenses or payroll, if you only had more working capital available?
  4. Would your business benefit, if your customers paid their invoices sooner or even on a C.O.D. basis?
  5. Is your income affected by seasonal slowdowns?
  6. Is your business growing at such a rapid pace that your cash flow can‘t keep up with the growth?

If you answered YES to any one of the above, One World Funding will help you.